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Looking to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling systems? Ductless minisplits are the perfect solution for any property in Beantown and beyond.

With our certified Mitsubishi Diamond contractor services at your disposal, transforming your home HVAC systems for a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective solution never felt so simple. Get in touch with our agents to schedule your free consultation today!

Why Choose Ductless Minisplits For Your Home?

Ductless systems offer an alternative solution to traditional HVAC systems. The electric units utilize Hyper Heating Inverter technology to deliver instant warmth or cooling to the desired living space. Better still, with no ducts to consider, ductless systems deliver a compact and low-maintenance solution that is perfect for modern life.

This makes the units suitable for any room in the home while Mitsubishi minisplit benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Find a solution for any room or property regardless of size, age, or existing HVAC systems.
  • Improve energy efficiency by up to 40% compared to Central Air solutions.
  • Choose wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, or even recessed ductless systems.
  • Complete new installs and repair projects without the need to replace furnaces.
  • Use ductless minisplits to correct the temperature issues in a single room or connect multiple zones with Kumo Cloud tech.

Ductless minisplits additionally operate in a whisper-quiet fashion while each zone can be controlled via a remote control for rapid responses and optimal convenience. When combined with their integrated anti-allergen filters, they are a superior solution.

Whether you need an emergency service or simply wish to upgrade your outdated or inefficient HVAC systems, our certified Mitsubishi Diamond contractors are here to help.

A Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor You Can Trust

We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, which means you get a 12-year warranty on all parts, not the usual 10. Mitsubishi models are widely accepted as the best products on the market, and our experts will ensure that your home gains the full minisplit benefits. 

From inspection to installation and beyond, our technicians will ensure that every aspect of the system is built to unlock optimal performance levels. This includesL

  • Identifying the right Mitsubishi ductless unit for each room, based on its size and whether the room is currently a problematic area.
  • Completing a full installation to ensure that each indoor or outdoor unit is located in a convenient position and (where applicable) linked to the network.
  • Run a full test to confirm efficient operations and show you how to use the remote control for easy temperature control.

When the instals and repair jobs are completed correctly, your Mitsubishi ductless minisplits will handle both heating and cooling for year-long temperature control, allowing you to maintain a comfortable home environment for many years to come.

We’ve already helped hundreds of homeowners upgrade their HVAC systems in Boston, serving clients in all 23 neighborhoods. A fast, affordable, and highly professional job is assured.

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